FADE IN SCREENWRITING Semi-finalist - TV pilot - 2022

NYC International Screenplay Contest, Quarter Finalist, 2021

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​Finalist, 2021

BUFFALO RED is the story of young Irish Black man, suffering from a life-long  phobia and unknowingly in possession of millions in drug money, who flees Ireland to a Canadian bison ranch only to be pursued relentlessly by a corrupt Irish cop.

Directed by award-winning actress Michelle Thrush 

Miami Screenplay Contest, Finalist, 2022

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  • Script complete
  • Co-production agreement with Dublin-based Fantastic Films
  • Professional script notes obtained
  • Budget completed
  • LOI from Michelle Thrush
  • LOI from Emmanuel Okoye
  • LOI from Pamela Uba (Miss Ireland, 2021)
  • LOI from John Billingsley